2022 Duo Spring Event

Updated: Jun 24

The duo spring event is back in 2 years with LA Marathon on March 21 prepared by Duo USA. The event was sold out at the speed of light for the limited number of 10 men and 10 women.

On March 20, 7 out of 20 members already gathered at the Dodgers Stadium before sunrise at 4 a.m. to run the full marathon.

Despite the cold morning air, people were full of energy. They introduced themselves while stretching and got along well. Even though it was their first time running a full marathon, they were very excited.

When some people were worried about whether they would be able to finish 26.2 miles, an experienced member encouraged other members that anyone can do it. While exchanging words of courage, members started running slowly as the American national anthem played.

The sound of spring and cheering crowds excited members and one of the members said that he is glad that he is able to run a marathon in this nice weather and that he will participate in other marathons.

After all members finished running 26.2 miles, they proudly wore their Marathon medals and enjoyed taking photos of themselves.

After the marathon, they gathered at a cafe. The members mingled and enjoyed their meal and wine in a friendly atmosphere. There were members who flew from San Jose and San Francisco solely to attend the Duo spring event in Los Angeles. Thereafter, we gave 6 minutes for speed dating/conversation, which was not enough time but they had to move on to the next person. Time passed so quickly and it was already time to say goodbye.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people worked at home and lacked energy and motivation to date. By participating in the Duo spring event, the members gained energy and became excited to find love again.

We were able to have such a meaningful event due to Duo staff's effort in helping young people find a mate across the U.S. for 25 years.

I wish that many young people find their life partners and spend their lifetime full of happiness and love.

Duo USA, I lo